The Best Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The fight for being the best assault rifle in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is very close between the AK12 and the HBRa3. The AK12 is a little easier to use and is highly mobile, but when you get the first three round of the HBRa3 that are fired faster on target it is very difficult to loose the gunfight.

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AK12 vs HBRa3

I believe that the HBRa3 is better than the AK12. When I was using it I was consistently getting a higher K/D than my average and I felt much more powerful than when I was using the AK12. On a side note the HBRa3 does sound rather more beastly than the AK12.

I like the AK12 for its low recoil and versatility, but the HBRa3 is much better at medium and close range due to those first 3 rounds firing much faster, which is often enough to kill enemies. The only drawback that the HBRa3 has is that it doesn’t have very much ammunition, so if you find that you often run out you might have to use Scavenger instead of another item in my class setup guide for it.

please do leave a comment below if you disagree and what you think is the best assault rifle in Advanced Warfare.

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  1. chris says:

    I believe your right that the HBRa3 is the best. i think the biggest drawback of it is no advanced sights (eg. red dot). Better sights would make this gun amazing!

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