MP11 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The MP11 Submachine Gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has the best mobility in the class. It has a high fire rate but a low magazine so you need to reload frequently. You can be very aggressive with the MP11, always aim to be in the middle of the fight.

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MP11 Best Attachments Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The MP11 has low enough recoil that you can put on Rapid Fire (increasing the fire rate) together with Foregrip (reducing the recoil) and have very little recoil. Due to the now very high fire rate you will run out of bullets very quickly, use Extended Mags to increase the number of bullets per magazine.

MP11 Best Perks Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

When you are aggressive you will often be near explosions, to make sure you don’t die from them use Flak Jacket. To have better awareness of your surroundings use Peripherals. Toughness will reduce flinching when you are being shot at. Because of the high fire rate and low number of bullets that come with the MP11 use Scavenger to be able to resupply from dead enemies and start with more ammunition.

MP11 Best Exo Ability Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Use the Exo Overclock Exo Ability to get close to enemies more quickly.

MP11 Best Loadout Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

here is the complete recommended class setup for the MP11. There are 3 slots for you to put your favorite scorestreaks.

MP11 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

MP11 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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