Bal-27 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The Bal-27 assault rifle is a medium range weapon with good all around stats. When you are using the Bal-27 don’t be too aggressive since most submachine guns will beat you easily at close range.

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Bal-27 Best Attachments

Choose attachments that enhance the Bal-27’s place as a versatile weapon. At medium range movement is important to be able to evade enemy fire and thus gain the advantage. Use the Stock to increase your movement whilst aiming down the sights of the Bal-27.

To ensure that you are still competitive at long range use the Foregrip to keep the recoil under control when firing at distant targets. To help you see those targets use the Red Dot Sight.

Bal-27 Best Perks

At medium range enemies will be tempted to hit you with explosives. Use the Flak Jacket to reduce the damage taken from explosives. Since at medium range you are often close to other enemies use Peripherals to see enemies on the minimap that are further away. To reduce flinching when being shot use Toughness.

Bal-27 Best Exo Ability and Secondary

Due to the low amount of bullets per magazine in combination with a high fire rate use a secondary to switch to if you run out of bullets in the Bal-27. The Eco Mute Device will ensure your footsteps don’t give you away to close by enemies. Be sure to activate it when you are getting close to enemies.

Bal-27 Best Class Setup

The full recommended class setup is:

BAL-27 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

BAL-27 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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