Best Destiny Relic Iron Farming Route

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Mars Relic Iron Farming Route

One of the best farming routes for Relic Iron is in the Scablands on Mars. There are a number of large buildings in the area with have rooms underneath and on the side of them in which chests containing Relic Iron can spawn. Chests containing Relic Iron can also spawn on the cliffs near the building and in caves under those cliffs. There are more chests containing Relic Iron in the tunnels under the middle area.


2 thoughts on “Best Destiny Relic Iron Farming Route”

  1. Good vid. Thanks for the route. I saw it on youtube on another vid but this was described much better and you voice was more appealing and understandable.

  2. I noticed when your leaving the room at the 2:20 mark, theres also a iron relic spawn to your left (not a chest, just a slow respawning spot for iron relic)

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