Destiny The Vault of Glass Raid FULL Guide – Pt. 5 Atheon, Time’s Conflux Boss Fight

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Atheon, Time’s Conflux Boss Fight in The Vault of Glass

For this fight split the team into 2 groups, one that deals with Atheon and opens portals and the other team gets teleported. Soon after Atheon spawns three guardians (those that are furthest away from Atheon) are teleported to a separate area with a relic in it. Whilst you are in these areas your vision slowly turns black. One guardian needs to pick up the relic which can clear the other guardian’s vision.

There are powerful minions in these areas. Help kill the minions whilst a guardian gets the relic, then focus on the seven Oracles that appear in the sky which you have to destroy whilst the guardian with the relic kills the minions. Whilst you destroy them go towards the exit portal. Once you have destroyed the oracles the fireteam gets a buff called “Time’s Vengeance”. Whilst it is active you won’t be teleported to a separate area again. When the guardians get out of the separate area focus damage on Atheon. The relic’s super does a good amount of damage to Atheon. Your super and grenades are available very quickly so be sure to use them as often as you can.

The guardians that remain with Atheon need to open the portals as quickly as possible. Get one player dedicated to getting that done. The others should focus on clearing the Supplicants from the portals so that they don’t self destruct once the other guardians return to the room and kill them.

Once Time’s Vengeance runs out the three players that are furthest away from Atheon will get teleported away again. Repeat the same strategy as above until you have defeated Atheon.

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