Destiny The Vault of Glass Raid FULL Guide – Pt. 4 The Gate

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Clearing the Portals in The Vault of Glass

Activate one of the two portals. Send in 2 guardians. Whilst you are in the portal your vision will turn more and more black so you need to kill the Guardian as quickly as possible. Once you have done that a relic drops which can be used to clear the vision of the guardians. The guardians outside need to protect the portal from the Vex. They will try to sacrifice themselves to the column. If they manage to an oracle will spawn. Kill those as quickly as possible.

Do the same for the second portal. You don’t need to rush too much since the player with the relic from the first portal can clear the vision of the other player. Once you have both the relics go back outside and use the super of both relics on the column.

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