Destiny The Vault of Glass Raid FULL Guide – Pt. 3 Gorgon’s Maze

Previous part: the Templar.

Getting Through Gorgon’s Maze in The Vault of Glass

In the labyrinth in Gorgon’s Maze you have to avoid being seen by any mobs. To get through the labyrinth in The Vault of Glass in Destiny go forward and wait for the white mob to patrol around a rock. Staying on the left side run left towards the middle of the labyrinth to an area with 4 bright stone pillars. In front of one of the pillars is a small cave opening that leads out of the labyrinth. Keep an eye on your minimap as it shows when one of the mobs gets close.

After getting out of the labyrinth you get to a canyon that has rock platforms appearing in a certain order. You need to reach a small ledge on the far side of the canyon. Watch the patter and map out a path to the ledge.

Next part: The Gate.

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