Destiny The Vault of Glass Raid FULL Guide – Pt. 1 The Spire (Boss 1) Gaining Entry to the Vault

Raise the Spire in The Vault of Glass

The first part of the Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny is that you have to raise the spire. They way this is done is to go into the 3 glowing areas to the left, the right and directly below the large door. These areas are captured by standing in them. Split your fireteam into 3 groups and each take one area. Be sure to split the group so that you have roughly even levels at each location. Once you have captured an area you don’t have to stay in it. However, if a Vex enters the area you loose control of the zone and your progress will degrade. If all 3 zones are captured you will see the message “the spire is forming”. You need to hold each zone until the laser activates and shoots the door.

Defending the Zones from the Vex in The Vault of Glass

At each zone one of two groups of Vex keep spawning. Either a Minotaur or roughly 3 Hobgoblins and 3 Goblins. The latter aren’t very difficult, but the Minotaur can be hard. Use Fusion Rifles with Abyss damage to take down their shield and then kill them with heavy weapons. This will keep going until you the door opens.

Next part: the Templar.


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    How are you suppose to get a fire team with no in-game communications?

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