The Best TITAN PRIMARY WEAPON in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide 2014

This is a guide for the best Titan Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2014.

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Available Titan Primary Weapons

The Primary Weapon of your Titan does the most damage and can take out Titans and pilots.

The Quad Rocket does a lot of damage at close range, but the missiles are slow and spread so it is hard to hit enemy Titans at long range. The XO-16 Chaingun takes a long time to deal its damage so you have to stay under fire from enemy Titans for longer. The Plasma Railgun is very good at long range, but missing is very severa due to the very low fire rate.

The Arc Canon has to be charged up making it cumbersome to use. It does deal a lot of damage, but is very bad against enemy Pilots. The Tripple Threat is good at close range, and can clear an objective very easily, but suffers at long range due to the large spread of the grenades.

The Best Titan Primary Weapon

The 40mm Canon deals its damage quickly and accurately at long range. You can also use it to take out enemy pilots with one hit on direct impact or multiple with the area of effect. It also makes it easy to clear minions due to the area of effect. Therefore the 40mm Canon is the best Titan Primary Weapon.

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