The Best TITAN ORDNANCE in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

This is a guide for the best Titan Ordnance in Titanfall 2014.

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Available Titan Ordnance

The Titan Ordnance is a way to do much more damage during a short period to enemy Titans. Some can be used to take out enemy Pilots, but none are ideal for that.

The Rocket Salvo does a lot of damage, but struggles to hit anything at long range and fires continously so you can’t retreat from a fight unless you want to miss out on a lot of damage on enemy Titans. The Slaved Warheads solve the long range problem, but still fire in one salvo.

The cluster Missile is the best for taking out enemy Pilots and minions, but performs the worst against single enemy Titans.

The Best Titan Ordnance

The Multi-Target Missile System lets you fire rockets at will that lock onto enemy Titans. Thus they are accurate at long range and you can stop firing at any time you want to save rockets. Therefore the Multi-Target Missile System is the best Titan Ordnance.

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