The Best TITAN LOADOUT in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

This is a guide for the best Titan Loadout in Titanfall 2014.

The Best Titan Chasis:
The Best Titan Primary Weapon:
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The Best Titan Chasis

The best Titan Chasis is the Stryder Chasis since it lets you move around very quickly making it easy to avoid enemy fire and stop enemy Pilots from locking onto you.

The Best Titan Primary Weapon

The best Titan Primary Weapon is the 40mm Cannon since you can take out Pilots and Titans with it and it does a lot of damage. Use Extended Magazine on it to allow you to fire for longer.

The Best Titan Tactical Ability

Use the Electric Smoke Tactical Ability both for taking out enemies rodeoing on your Titan and doing a lot of damage to enemy Titans standing in the smoke. Use the Stryder’s high mobility to get close to enemy Titans quickly and deploy the Electric Smoke.

The Best Titan Ordnance

The best Ordnance is the Multi-Target Missile System since you can fire each rocket independently. Other Ordnance fire all rockets at the same time so you most stay in line of sight with enemy Titans when you may want to retreat instead.

The Best Titan Kit

Use the Dash Quickcharger Kit to recharge the Dash ability more quickly increasing you mobility even further. When you are out of ammunition or enemy Titans are using the Vortex Shielf Tactical Ability run up them and punch them. using the Big Punch Kit makes that punch hit much harder.

Here is the complete Titan Loadout:

The Best Titan Loadout in Titanfall 2014

The Best Titan Loadout in Titanfall 2014

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