The Best TITAN CHASIS in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

This is a guide for the best Titan Chasis in Titanfall 2014.

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The Best Titan Primary Weapon:
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Available Titan Chasis

A lot of the Titan Primary Weapons aren’t hit scan weapons, that is the fired projectile must hit the enemy titan to do damage. Therefore moving around is the best way to avoid taking damage and thus makes it much easier to take out enemy Titans.

The Ogre Chasis is very slow and easy to hit but can take more damage. The Atlas Chasis is more versatily and has a Damage Core which makes it easier to take on multiple enemy Titans. The Stryder is highly mobile since it has 3 dashes and increased movement speed. The Core gives you unlimited dashes.

The best Titan Chasis

The Stryder Chasis lets you easily avoid enemy fire and move around the barrier the Ogre Chasis can deploy negating their core abilities. You will need to fight in open areas to be able to use the high mobility, but usually that isn’t a problem. The high mobility and 3 dashes also make it very easy to stop pilots from locking onto you. Therefore the Stryder Chass is the best Titan Chasis in Titanfall.

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