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This is a guide for the best Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014.

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Best Pilot Primary Weapon:
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The Best Pilot Primary Weapon

As a pilot in Titanfall you will mainly have to deal with the short and medium range, but mostly the short range. Therefore you want to use a primary weapon that suits that range which are SMGs. The R-97 Compact SMG is a little more short range focused than the C.A.R. SMG making it the better choice.

The best attachments are the HCOG sight and Scatterfire helping you out at medium range and making you more powerful at short range.

The Best Tactical Ability

Use the Stim to help you move around faster and increase your healing speed when you are in a fire fight. For the ordnance using either the Satchel Charge or the Frag Grenade can help you take on titans and clear out objectives.

The Best Anti-Titan Weapon

The Mag Launcher is the best Anti-Titan weapon since you can fire it from out of sight of a Titan. Choose your favorite sidearm to switch to when you are out of ammunition in the clip.

The Best Kit

The Run N Gun Kit lets you fire the R-97 Compact SMG and your sidearm whilst you are running making you very hard to hit. Utilize this kit when you are in close quarters together with the STIM. The Minion Detector reveals enemy minions on the map allowing you to find them more easily and kill them to get your Titan faster.

Here is the complete class:

The Best Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014

The Best Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014

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