The Best EVA-8 SHOTGUN Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

This is a guide for the best Loadout for the EVA-8 Shotgun in Titanfall 2014.

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EVA-8 Shotgun Best Attachments

The EVA-8 Shotgun has enough range so that inside all but the largest buildings you can damage enemies. However, how effective the EVA-8 Shotgun is quickly drops off as you get to the limit of its range.

The Loadout aims to be highly mobile to let you get close enough to enemy pilots to easily kill them. Use the High-Capacity Drum to increase the shots between reloads so you can be more aggressive.

EVA-8 Shotgun Best Tactical Ability

Use the Stim Tactical Ability when you are entering an area with enemy pilots in it so you can get close to them more quickly and heal faster.

EVA-8 Shotgun Best Ordnance

The Satchel Charge Ordnance can be a good way to clear out enemies from buildings and objectives.

EVA-8 Shotgun Best Kit

The Enhanced Parkour Kit lets you be even more acrobatic when you are close to enemies making you a very difficult target to hit. The Minion Detector lets you know where enemy minions are making it easier to find them.

EVA-8 Shotgun Best Sidearm and Anti-Titan Weapon

The Mag Launcher is the best Anti-Titan weapon since it lets you fire at titans from around corners and over cover. Choose a sidear you like to switch to in case you run out of slugs in the drum of the Eva-8 Shotgun.

Here is the complete class:

The best EVA-8 Shotgun Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014

The best EVA-8 Shotgun Pilot Loadout in Titanfall 2014

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