The Best ANTI-TITAN Pilot Weapon in Titanfall 2014 – Titanfall Guide

This is a guide for the best Anti-Titan Weapon in Titanfall 2014.

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Available Anti-Titan Weapons

When you take on a Titan as a pilot you are very vulnerable. Hence you want to be the least exposed to the Titan. The Archer Heavy Rocket and Charge Rifle require a lockon or charge time respectively, which will show your position to the Titan and you have to be in line of sight of the Titan which makes you easy to kill.

The Sidewinder has a similar problem, it does a good amount of damage but takes a while to deal that damage meaning you will also be exposed to the Titan.

The Best Anti-Titan Weapon

The Mag Launcher quickly deals its damage with a few shots letting you move around to confuse the Titan. Since its rounds are magnetic you can also shoot the Mag Launcher when you are out of sight of the Titan where you are safe. Therefore the Mag Launcher is the best ANITI-TITAN weapon.

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