Begginer’s Guide for HearthStone – Heroes of Warcraft (The Arena, Cards and Advantages)

Hearthstone is simple to play but also has a lot of depth and a steep learning curve. Before you first enter The Arena wait until you know the classes better. Use the coin wisely to help with gaining advantages over your opponent. Use the hero abilities to take out enemy minions as much as possible which will help you with keeping card advantage and board control which are the most important goals in Hearthstone. Trade your minions well to keep them alive and retain board control.

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The Arena

Many people are mainly interested in The Arena of Hearthstone. To do well in The Arena you need to know the hero you select pretty well. If you put together a deck with cards the synergize well and you select quality minions you will have a much easier time in the arena. Your first arena run is free. If you are already very good at Hearthstone when you get into The Arena for the first time you can win back what it cost you to enter the arena and cards. If you are good enough and have a bit of luck you might never have to buy a single pack of cards.

Buying Card Packs

Don’t worry about buy card packs before you have unlocked all the basic cards for each of the classes. You can only get expert level and golden cards from card packs so you won’t waste your gold or money to get the basic cards which you can unlock for free.

The Coin

The coin and the additional card is designed to compensate for the disadvantage of going second. Use it wisely, such as getting out a minion that costs two mana in the first turn that will trade well with what an opponent has/might play. Using it for the hero ability is usually a waste, especially if you just do a little damage to the enemy hero.

Hero Abilities

The hero abilities that do damage are best used to take out minions that are on 1 health. It lets you remove a minion without having to spend a card which gives you an advantage over the opponent.

Cards to Watch Out For

There are some cards that are fairly commonly picked by certain classes and that you need to watch out for. The Flamestrike is a 7 cost card that only the Mage can have that deals 4 damage to all the opponents minions. When you play against a Mage and it is getting towards the seventh turn don’t play a large number of minions that have health 4 or less. Instead hold onto them or play minions with divine shield or that have more than 4 health.

Board Control

In Hearthstone board control and keeping a card advantage are the most important goals. I have killed opponents that were around 20 health in a single turn using my board advantage and saved up cards. Also don’t worry about loosing health too much. As long as you maintain board control it will be pretty difficult for most opponents to do more than 10 damage in a turn. If you are using weapons in you deck don’t worry about taking damage when you take out a minion since weapons can usually be used more than once which helps your card advantage.

Take out enemy minions as much as possible without sacrificing your own minions. Also, use the worst minions possible to take out enemies keeping the minions with more health, attack or a valuable ability alive. This will help you out with card advantage and board control.

Hearthstone can be a little overwhelming at first. Stay away until you know the classes much better before you enter the arena which can save you a lot of time and potentially money. Always keep in mind that you need to get or retain board control and try to keep a card advantage over the opponent. If you use the coin wisely if you go second, trade minnions well or keep them alive whilst taking out opponents and using you hero ability to kill enemy minnions as much as possible beating opponents will be much easier.

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