Tac 12 Shotgun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The Tac 12 is a pump action shotgun with the most range but lowest fire rate of the shotguns. When you aim down the sights of the Tac 12 your spread is reduced. With the Tac 12 it is possible to complete objectives that only require close range combat. Avoid open areas when you move around the map so that you don’t encounter enemies you can’t shoot.

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Tac 12 best Strategy

Always aim down the sights of the Tac 12. You will be able to kill enemies much more reliably and your one shot kill range is a little greater. This means that the Slug Rounds are a powerful attachment boosting your range even further. The slug rounds have no spread and, when fired from the hip, are unlikely to hit anything. When enemies are very close use the knife instead of trying to fire from the hip. The Tac 12 has a large magazine so only reload in safe areas when you know no enemies are nearby.

The Tac 12 can get one hit kills even at the close edge of medium range, especially with the Slug Rounds. Don’t keep aiming down the sights between shots to slightly increase your movement speed making you harder to hit. You still have to stay away from open areas since at most of the medium range you can’t hit anything.

Tac 12 Best Soldier Setup

Tac 12 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Tac 12 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

On top of the Slug Rounds use the Muzzle Brake to increase your range even further.

Choose perks that make movement better and let you detect enemies easier. Ready Up brings up the Tac 12 faster helping you out when you get caught sprinting. Marathon gives you unlimited sprint so you can get to enemies faster. Amplify lets you hear nearby enemies. Use Ping instead of Amplify if you don’t use headphones. Resilience negates fall damage so that you can move around the map unhindered by height. Because you will need to aim down the sights of the Tac 12 with every kill use Focus to reduce flinching.

In summary the Tac 12 has the most range of all the shotguns. Use the Slug Rounds, Muzzle Brake and selected perks to increase your range and mobility.

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