Chain SAW Light Machine Gun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The Chain SAW Light Machine Gun has the fastest fire rate but lowest accuracy, range and damage of the light machine guns. You can only fire it from the hip meaning that at long range it will be unlikely you can hit anything. Because the Chain SAW has low mobility and slow handling you need to stay a bit defensive with it. It is good at holding down a position and can take on multiple enemies at once.

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Chain SAW Best Strategy

The Chain SAW is powerful when you are stationary and ready for enemies but weak if you are running around. Preferably hold down a position overlooking choke points. You can increase your accuracy by pressing the button that usually aims down the sight of a weapon.

When you change position only sprint if you know that there are no enemies nearby. Always walk around corners that enemies may be around and also walk if you know enemies are close. If you are taking out multiple enemies don’t stop shooting between enemies since the recoil of the Chain SAW stabilizes under sustained fire.

Chain SAW Best Soldier Setup

Chain SAW Light Machine Gun best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Chain SAW Light Machine Gun best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

I found I was running out of ammunition quickly with the Chain SAW. Use Extended Mags to increase the rounds per magazine and your ammunition supply. Muzzle Brake will increase your range allowing you to take on enemies at medium and long range more easily, although at the long range it will still be hard to win fights.

The Chain SAW has a long reload time which can get you killed if you are under attack. Use Sleight of Hand to reduce reload times. Since you can only fire from the hip Steady Aim will help you out with every kill. Because you need to be more defensive use Amplify to hear the footsteps of enemies coming from behind you. Use Focus so that flinching doesn’t cause you to loose a contested battle.

In summary the Chain SAW is a powerful defensive weapon allowing you to hold a position that is under sustained attack. Use the Muzzle Brake, Extended Clip and selected perks to help you take out enemies and stay alive for longer.

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