Ameli Light Machine Gun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The Ameli Light Machine Gun has the second highest accuracy with the highest damage of all the light machine guns. It has fairly high range but a low fire rate and mobility.
The Ameli is best at medium range but also works well at long range and short range if you are prepared for enemies.

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Ameli Best Strategy

The Ameli has a large magazine allowing you to unload sustained fire into enemies. It is best at covering areas of high traffic, such as objectives, from behind cover at a distance. Reload when you have dealt with enemies by ducking behind cover.

The Ameli is best if you are near the main combat area. When you move to change position be careful not to run around corners especially if you know enemies are nearby. Don’t be afraid of close quarters, but be more careful with sprinting in those areas.

Ameli Best Soldier Setup

Ameli Light Machine Gun Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Ameli Light Machine Gun Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

The attachments that I found useful where the silencer and red dot sight. The silencer will stop your firing position to be on the radar making it harder for enemies to spot and flank you. The iron sights of the Ameli can be difficult to work with, especially at long range. The red dot sight will make it easier for you to control the recoil of the Ameli and stay on target.

In close quarters you are at a severe disadvantage to all but sniper rifles. Use Ready Up to get the Ameli ready faster after sprinting. To let you change position faster use Agility which reduces travel time making it less likely you are caught moving. Quickdraw lets you aim down the sights of the Ameli faster. So you don’t loose gunfights to flinching use Focus.

In summary the Ameli is good at covering an objective but has some weak points when you need to change position. Use the Silencer and Red Dot Sight to make it easier to hold down a position and the selected perks to help you out whilst moving.

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