FP6 Shotgun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The FP6 Shotgun is a pump action shotgun with high damage and good range but a low fire rate. Choosing how you move around the map is the most important part of using the FP6. Since it has a low fire rate make sure your first shot kills. Objectives are difficult to complete, but you can help by holding back enemies from the objectives.

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FP6 Best Strategy

If an enemy is looking at you, you usually only have one chance to kill him. It is worth taking a small amount of time to aim properly and move a little closer. If an enemy isn’t looking at you be sure to get close to them first before you start firing. Be sure to reload often since you only get five slugs between reloads.

How you change position is vital. If you move through open areas you are likely to be shot from a range you have no chance of killing enemies at. Stay in the parts of maps that are close quarters and always think ahead about the route you are going to take. Stay away from objectives that involve any range you can’t compete in. Instead stay in the choke points towards objectives to block enemies from getting to them.

FP6 Best Soldier Setup

FP6 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

FP6 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

The main problem with the FP6 is the range. Use the Muzzle Brake to increase the range. When enemies are at the edge of your range be sure to aim down the sights of the FP6. When you do the Foregrip will ensure you can keep the recoil under control between successive shots.

Choose perks that make the FP6 more effective and increase your movement speed. Agility and Marathon together will let you change position rapidly by giving you faster, unlimited sprint. Steady aim reduces the hip fire spread of the FP6 allowing you to kill enemies more reliably. Amplify lets you hear enemies more easily. If you hear an enemy nearby stop sprinting until you have found them. If you don’t have headphones use Ping instead of Amplify.

In summary the FP6 is a powerful pump action shotgun. Using the Muzzle Brake, Foregrip and selected perks you will be able to quickly get into close quarter combat where you have good chances of eliminating foes.

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