SA-805 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The SA-805 Assault Rifle has average stats, making it a versatile weapon. It is powerful at all ranges, but you will have a disadvantage against specialized weapons. Playing aggressively with the SA-805 is the key to success. The SA-805 is well suited to taking objectives since it is powerful at all ranges.

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SA-805 Best Strategy

When you move around the map be careful when you go around corners. Other weapons, such as submachine guns and shotguns, have an advantage over you if both of you are sprinting towards each other. Walk around corners that you expect enemies to be around and be ready to pull the trigger instantly.

Since the SA-805’s mobility is of assault rifle class you need to use cover as much as possible. Other tactics, such as going prone when you run into enemies at close range, may help you out too. Only fire from the hip when you are very close to enemies and be sure to knife when you are face to face with an enemy.

SA-805 Best Soldier Setup

SA-805 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

SA-805 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

When I was using the SA-805 I noticed that I was running out of ammunition frequently. Extended Mags will increase your ammunition supply and bullets per magazine. The SA-805 is a little lacking at long range. The Muzzle Brake will increase your range making it easier to kill opponents at medium and long range.

The perks I found most useful were those that helped me out at close range and aiming down the sights of the SA-805. Ready Up helps you out when you get caught sprinting by bringing up the SA-805 faster. Stalker lets you move faster whilst aiming down the sights making strafing and aiming down the sights a powerful tactic. With Agility, which increases your movement speed, it will be very difficult to hit you. When you strafe keep strafing in one direction, not left and right. Since in most of your gunfights you will be aiming down the sights use Focus so that flinching doesn’t become a problem.

In summary the SA-805 is a versatile weapon ideal for completing objectives. Use Extended Mags, Muzzle Brake and selected perks to make it easier to take out opponents at long range and strafing more effective.

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