MTAR-X Submachine Gun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The MTAR-X submachine gun has good range and accuracy, average damage and a low fire rate. This means it is best at medium range, but the high mobility of the MTAR-X also allows you to be effective at close range. Always push up to the next firefight and use your mobility to your advantage.

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MTAR-X Best Strategy

The MTAR-X is best suited for medium range due to the lower fire rate. But the MTAR-X has good accuracy meaning you can pick off enemies easily at medium range. At close range other submachine guns are better, so use perks that increase your mobility so that you can strafe and thus avoid enemy fire effectively.

Avoid long range combat with the MTAR-X because your damage will be significantly lower than other long range weapons. Instead move around the map so that you encounter most enemies at medium range. If you do see an enemy in the distance, retreat and use an alternative route to flank him.

MTAR-X Best Soldier Setup

MTAR-X Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

MTAR-X Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Use attachments that help you at close and medium range to compliment what the MTAR-X already is good at. The Muzzle Brake increases your damage at range making it easier to eliminate foes at medium range. Rapid Fire increases your fire rate making you more effective close up. With it be sure to fire from the hip when enemies are close.

Select perks that increase your mobility and make aiming down the sights better. So you can sprint more often use Ready Up to bring up your weapon faster after sprinting. That said go around corners without sprinting, especially if you expect to encounter enemies. Stalker increases your movement speed whilst aiming down the sight, which is crucial to winning gunfights at medium range. In combination with Agility, which increases your movement speed, you will be difficult to hit. Since you need to be aiming down the sights at medium range use Focus so that flinching doesn’t cause you to miss enemies.

In summary the MTAR-X is a powerful medium range weapon. Use the Muzzle Brake, Rapid Fire and selected perks to increase your effectiveness at close and medium range by increasing your movement speed making you hard to hit.

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