AK-12 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The AK-12 assault rifle has high damage, good accuracy and range but a low fire rate. This means it is best suited for medium and long range engagements. At close range due to the low fire rate you will be at a severe disadvantage, so changing position needs to be done carefully. Facing enemies head on at medium range is the AK-12’s strength, so go towards and stay in the main combat areas.

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AK-12 Best Strategy

The low recoil of the AK-12 means that, even at long range, you can be competitive. However, the low mobility of the assault rifles means strafing isn’t very effective so you have to use cover to get an advantage over enemies.

With the AK-12 stay in the middle of the main combat. Once you have won it push forwards to where you expect the enemies to spawn. When you move, however, you have to be careful since at close range you are unlikely to win an engagement. Advance carefully from cover to cover, especially when you know that enemies are nearby.

AK-12 Best Soldier Setup

AK-12 Best Solderi Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

AK-12 Best Solderi Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

The best attachments for the AK-12 are those that make it even more powerful. The Muzzle Break increases the range of the AK-12. With it you can even compete with snipers at long range. Armor-Piercing will ensure that light cover won’t get in your way and makes it easier to take out enemy ground equipment, such as SAT COMs and Vultures, as well as armored enemies, such as Maniacs.

The AK-12 only has a moderate ammunition supply so running out of bullets in a magazine and overall is a problem. Sleight of Hand reduces reload times so you can more easily hold a contested position. Fully Loaded starts you with a full ammunition supply which you are unlikely to go through in a life and doesn’t require you to pick up ammunition from dead bodies.

When you change position you are at a severe disadvantage. Dead Silence reduces the noise your footsteps make, making it harder for enemies to hear you and easier for you to hear enemies. When you are holding down a position getting shot at will be common. In that case flinching will lose you many gunfights, so use Focus to reduce flinching.

In summary the AK-12 is a powerful medium and long range weapon. With the Muzzle Brake, Armor-Piercing and selected perks the AK-12 becomes even better at medium and long range whilst making changing position easier.

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4 Responses to AK-12 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

  1. Joe says:

    I say silencer and foregrip too. My attachment are quickdraw, ready up, agility, take down, focus, and another one not sure what it was. With assault package. (satcom, trinity rocket, and chopper one)

  2. hfy says:

    Silencer and forcegrip its better

  3. TheCoDexpert says:

    this attachment is fucking shite, use the foregrip and the silencer to maintain invisibility on the map with the help of “off the grid” and “incog” and also “dead silence” this will give you the best advantage on the field when it comes to being sneaky and being undetected by enemies.

  4. Kratos says:

    I prefer to use AK-12 with fore grip and silencer. Perks I normally use – Sleight Hand, Ping, Stalker and Hardline. No Lethal and No Tactical. Specialist Kill Streak.

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