Remington R5 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The Remington R5 Assault Rifle is a good all around weapon. It has high accuracy and range and solid damage. However, it’s low fire rate means that it is best at long range. Using Cover is also vital because strafing isn’t effective with the Remington R5.

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Remington R5 Best Strategy

The Remington R5 is best at long range and decent at medium range. Due to the low fire rate firing from the hip is ineffective. Thus avoid close quarter combat as much as possible. Stay on the edge of combat and pick enemies off using your teammates as bait if necessary. Be sure to reload frequently in safe positions since the Remington R5 has a small magazine.

Eventually you will have to change position. Advance carefully using cover and areas that are ideally long range or medium range. Close quarters are always a risk, but if you know enemies aren’t near you or you are surrounded by teammates close quarters can be safe.

Remington R5 Best Soldier Setup

Remington R5 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Remington R5 Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

The best attachments for the Remington R5 are those that make medium and long range combat more effective. The Foregrip will increase the Remington R5’s range making it even more effective especially at long range. But the iron sights may make it difficult to keep the Remington R5 on target, so use your favorite sight to make it easier to aim. I usually choose the red dot sight.

The perk selection is based on making the medium range a little easier and ensuring you aren’t easily spotted by enemies. Ready Up will help you react to seeing enemies a little quicker when you are sprinting. Sleight of Hand will reduce the frequent reload times ensuring enemies don’t have the time to flank you.

Off the Grid keeps you off enemy SAT COMs making it harder for enemies to flank you since they don’t know your position. Since the Remington R5 has only a small ammunition supply use Scavenger to pick up ammunition from fallen enemies.

In summary the Remington R5 is a solid weapon which specializes in the long range. Stay on the edge of combat and pick enemies off from a distance. The Foregrip, optical sight and selected perks will make medium and long range combat easier.


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3 responses to “Remington R5 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup”

  1. Chris_Cornell says :

    I find the hip fire great with the Remington for some reason. I use silencer and extended clip cause the range is so high that silencer doesn’t affect the gun much at all. Always pick the fully loaded/ scavenger perk when using this weapon as it doesn’t have much ammo at all. Another good setup is tracker sight and flash suppressor

  2. Rykalt says :

    I found I like using the suppressor and the reflex sight. Someone was just dominating me with it so I tried it out and I’ve depended on it since I have been using it. I use it more charging and it works really good. Although I have bad streaks using it but I have bad aiming so it’s partly my skill.

  3. pixc says :

    Cheers for this, I am going to check see if this is the setup my friend uses as he just started using this gun and is loving it, says its his new favourite setup, must admit it does feel a lot harder to set things up and get it right so guides like this can be great

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