Bizon Submachine Gun Weapon Guide Call of Duty Ghosts Best Soldier Setup

The Bizon Submachine Gun is one of the faster firing submachine guns with high damage in Call of Duty Ghosts. Therefore it is more suited to close quarter combat since at long range the recoil becomes hard to control. Avoid long sight lines where you are at a disadvantage.

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Bizon Best Strategy

Compared to the other submachine guns the Bizon has a high fire rate. But at the same time it has more recoil and less range reducing your effectiveness in medium and long range engagements.

Maneuvering the map well is key to being successful with the Bizon. Ensuring you are close to enemies in gunfights will help you out greatly. Use the radar to locate enemies and plan your route to take you through close quarter areas.

Bizon Best Soldier Setup

Bizon Best Class Setup Call of Duty Ghosts

Bizon Best Soldier Setup Call of Duty Ghosts

The attachments I found most useful were Rapid Fire and the Foregrip. Rapid fire increases your effectiveness in close quarters and the Foregrip will ensure you can keep recoil under control.

In the selection of the perks focus on those that let you move faster and give you an edge in close quarters. Ready Up will ensure you can sprint without being at a severe disadvantage when someone catches you sprinting. Sleight of Hand lets you reload faster so you are less likely to be caught up empty.

To make reloading even less of a problem use On the Go, which lets you reload whilst sprinting. Steady Aim will help you when you run face to face into an enemy. Strafe and fire from the hip in those circumstances. ICU, which lets you regenerate health faster, means you don’t have to pause for too long before the next engagement to wait for your health to come back.

In summary, the Bizon is a close quarter Submachine gun due to its high fire rate, mobility and damage. Rapid Fire and the Foregrip will make it even more effective close up, and your selection of perks will let you be close to enemies without a great disadvantage.

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