Cell Bloc A Fight in Starting Area Batman Hard Arkham Origins Guide XBOX 360 PS3 PC

To start off the fight go for the guy on the left, the moment you walk past the cell door. Get him to the ground by punching him three times, then finish him off.

When this guy has been taken out the guy on the right will open two cell doors letting two other enemies into the room. Now you will have to face three people. To do this you will need to move back into the center of the room to face them with ease.

Use the counter when the blue halo comes up above the head of an enemy. Once you use the counter hit that enemy twice and move onto the next one. Once you have done this to an enemy you will have to counter the nest enemy that is attacking you. Do the exact same to this enemy as the one you have just put to the floor.

When an enemy is stunned on the floor you can use a finishing move on them, but you are vulnerable whilst you are performing the take down.

Keep doing this until all the enemies have been defeated and you can interrogate one of the enemies to find out where Black mask is.

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