Selecting the Best Crew and Approach : The Big Score : GTA V Guide XBOX 360 PS3 PC

The obvious approach will earn you substantially more money but it is more difficult.

If you choose the obvious approach you have to use all the avalable crew so you don’t get a choice about who you bring along.

If you choose the subtle approach and choose the worse two gunmen you will lose a lot of money because you won’t have enough time to load cars.

You will have to take both the available drivers, but be sure to take the better driver first as it will make driving the cars into the trucks much easier.

The different hackers will make changing the traffic lights easier. The worse hackers will introduce lag into changing the traffic lights, but it is still easy to handle.


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11 responses to “Selecting the Best Crew and Approach : The Big Score : GTA V Guide XBOX 360 PS3 PC”

  1. psppro says :

    best method is obvious with using weakest gunmen best drivers 35mil p/p recieved now to go do some insider trading see yall in billionairesville!!!!!!!!!!£$

  2. Anonymous says :

    They all suck pick the crusader

  3. Jordan Luxford says :

    Anyone know where the third car is?

  4. Anonymous says :

    The muscle cars you need are Gauntlets

  5. Anonymous says :

    i picked the lowest hacker an now cant find the get away cars cause he sent 3 stupid pictures and no ideas were to go now ??? can any 1 hep please

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