Feedback for the Peacekeeper Classes You Suggested – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello and welcome to this week’s feedback video.

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The class setup for the Peacekeeper comes from nawsom2 who suggested to use the Peacekeeper with the laser sight, silencer, quickdraw, hardline, toughness, dexterity, a lethal and a secondary. The problem I have with this class setup is that quickdraw and the laser sight are both designed to help you out in close quarter engagements but don’t help each other. For instance, when you fire from the hip taking advantage of the laser sight you don’t need quickdraw and vice versa. Instead consider replacing either quickdraw or the laser sight with rapid fire.

Speaking of which, the alternative class for the Peacekeeper from the one I suggested in the weapon guide uses rapid fire. As I said in the weapon guide this transforms the Peacekeeper into a normal sub machine gun. It will be on power with the other sub machine guns and, for me, it was more fun to use that way than if I had been taking advantage of the Peacekeeper’s long range.

So there you go. If you would like to be a part of this series in the future leave a comment on the next weapon guide. For now, thanks for reading and I will see you next time.

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