Tomb Puzzle Guide: The Flooded Vault in Shipwreck Beach, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the flooded vault tomb in tomb raider 2013.

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The Flooded Vault Location

You find the flooded vault on the shipwreck beach:


The Flooded Vault Puzzle Guide

To complete it use the boat to stop the water being electrocuted. At the start use the console up the stairs to activate the electricity. The use the console near the gate to open the gate. First go to the right overlooking the water from the side. Pull the boat using the alternate fire of the bow towards you and jump onto it:


Turn around and jump onto the platform to the left of where you just came from. Then pull the weight with the rope wrapped around it to pull the lamp out of the water:


Cross the water to the other side. Pull the boat towards the lamp so that it touches the lamp:


Then lift the lamp again and pull the boat under the lamp. Now you can safely walk through the water to the stairs at the back of the flooded vault which leads up to the golden chest. Once you have looted the golden chest you have raided the flooded vault.

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