Tomb Puzzle Guide: Temple of the Handmaidens on Shipwreck Beach, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the temple of the handmaidens tomb in tomb raider 2013.

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Temple of the Handmaidens Location

You find the temple of the handmaidens on the shipwreck beach.


Temple of the Handmaidens Puzzle Guide

To enter it you need a winch which you get after completing a part of the story line. To complete it you have to time the buoy’s path so that it turns both stands.

First raise the bridge so that the buoy starts it’s path:


Wait for it to have turned the first stand and that the buoy isn’t touching the stand any more:


Then use the alternate fore of the bow to turn the other stand. Then use the first stand to get to the next platform. Once the buoy has turned the second stand use it to get to the climbable wall. Go to the top and loot the golden chest. Once you have done that you have raided the temple of the handmaidens.

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