Tomb Puzzle Guide: Stronghold Sanctum in Summit Forest, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the stronghold sanctum tomb in tomb raider 2013.

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You find the stronghold sanctum in the summit forest. To complete it you have to clear the rubble and blow up the gas and platform your way to the top.

I mainly used fire arrows to complete this tomb. You can also use the suspended fire bowls to burn the rubble and blow up the gas.

First clear the rubble in front of the gas:


Then turn to your right and look up to find and shoot the rubble at the top of the climbable wall:


Now blow up the gas and jump up to the ledge. To your left you can continue going up. Jump from the wooden bar to the climbable wall and climb up to the top:


Once you have looted the golden chest you will have raided the stronghold sanctum.

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