Tomb Puzzle Guide: Dropping the Elevator Down in the Research Base, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide to dropping the elevator in the research base in tomb raider 2013.

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Near the end of the game you enter the research base. Eventually you get to an elevator that is slightly broken and won’t let you go down to the floor you want to be on. You have to pry off all four cogs supporting the elevator. To pry off the first cog jump up to the boxes on the second level and use the ice axe to pry the cog off:


To access the higher levels go onto the elevator and jump up to the hole at the back of the elevator and climb through it:


Use the stairs to get to the desired level. Next call the elevator to the third level. Then go down the stairs a little and jump up to the platform. Once the elevator has stopped you can pry off the second cog. Now call the elevator to the fourth level. Then go down to the third level and jump up to the ladder:


Once the elevator has reached the fourth floor you can pry off the third cog. For the last cog break the barricade that you can see on the third level:


Then call the elevator to the third level. Go up to the fourth level and call the elevator up. Once it has almost reached the large hole in the side of the shaft jump down to the elevator and through the hole to the climbable wall:


Go all the way to the left and jump to the platform. You can now pry off the fourth cog.

The elevator will drop down and clear the way ahead. To continue don’t jump down from the second level, instead walk off. If you jump down you die spontaneously.

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4 Responses to Tomb Puzzle Guide: Dropping the Elevator Down in the Research Base, Tomb Raider 2013

  1. jay says:

    I have no cog to break on the 2nd floor to release last cog

  2. Bill Sheehan says:

    On the fourth floor elevator it seems that my elevator will not ris all the way up for me to get the 4th cog. I have been stuck here for about 2 hours and am afraid I caused a glitch of some kind. I shot the barricade from inside the elevator. The elevator keeps stopping with the climbable wall exposed, but you are stuck in the elevator. You need to jump on the metal hit the window frame and jump out to the wall and use your axe. It takes time, but it can be done. I can not get the 4th cog though. Why will my elevator not come up to the fourth floor?

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