Tomb Puzzle Guide: Chamber of Judgement in Shantytown, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the chamber of judgement tomb in tomb raider 2013.

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You find the chamber of judgement in Shantytown. To complete it you have to use the canisters to keep the ramp down so you can jump to the other wall.

First use the weight that is wrapped in rope to break the platform with the canisters on it near it. Use the alternate fire of the bow to pull back the weight:


Next throw the two canisters onto the next platform to break that platform:


Repeat that process for the last platform.

Now throw all the canisters onto the raised end of the ramp to lower it, then use it to jump up to the climbable wall. Go all the way to the left of the climbable wall then jump left to the ladder. Once you have gone up the ladder and looted the golden chest you have raided the hall of judgement.

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