Breaking the Floor Trap with the Bell in the Chasm Monastery, Tomb Raider 2013 Puzzle Guide

Hello and welcome to the guide for the part of the Chasm Monastery in which you have to get through a trap door in the floor.

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To open the trap door drop the bell onto it. First go up to the second level using the walkway at the back of the room. Only open one of the two windows, I started with the one on the right:


Shoot the ball with the rope wrapped around it with the alternate fire of the bow which launches an arrow with a rope attached to it. Pull the ball backwards to destroy the left pillar:


Now close the right window and open the left and repeat the process for the right pillar. Now a number of enemies come at you the same way you used to get to the upper floor. I found it best to use the shotgun to deal with them. At the end open both windows and draw back the ball and let it destroy the wooden bar holding up the bell. Now the bell will drop and you can continue.

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  1. Totally stuck here . Am in Chasm Monastery with no arrows available left. Cannot swing bell ringer to release other bell to drop and break open floor trapdoor. Have tried firing guns with no use. Playing on xbox 360 very frusreated as reloading checkpoint does not help. Is this a bug?

  2. be careful, i ran into a minor glitch where I shot one of the guys and he was still “alive” throwing molotovs at me when i tried to turn the wheel for the windows.

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