Tomb Puzzle Guide: Tomb of the Unworthy in Mountain Village, Tomb Raider 2013

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the tomb of the unworthy in tomb raider.

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Tomb of the Unworthy Location

You find the tomb of the unworthy in the Mountain Village and it is one of the two tombs in that area:

Tomb of the Unworthy Location

Tomb of the Unworthy Location

 Tomb of the Unworthy Puzzle Guide

In order to complete this tomb you need an ice ax which you get after completing a part of the story line.

To start with shove the cage off the rock so that the platform with the cloth is raised:


Quickly go to the ledge near the raised platform and jump to the platform. If you miss the platform and instead grab the metal bar you won’t be able to get to the other ledge in time. When you are on the platform jump to the ledge ahead with the fire on it.

Light the torch and jump back down to the platform and burn the three bits of cloth. Shove the cage off the cliff again and jump up to the platform again. To your left is a climable wall:


Jump to it and use the ice ax to hold on. Climb to the top and then you have finished the tomb.

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