Tomb Puzzle Guide: Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, Tomb Raider 2013, Lowering Aeroplane

Hello and welcome to the puzzle guide for the tomb of the lost adventurer in tomb raider.

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You find the tomb of the lost adventurer near the start of the game in the second area which is called the Coastal Forest. In order to finish this tomb you have to lower the aeroplane so that you can use it to climb up to the house. To lower the aeroplane you have to first burn down the four trees the plane is resting on. For the first, which is the one near the entrance to the tomb, you just have to shoot the lamp that is hanging near the cloth leading to the tree:


The second is burned down by the use of the crane which you can get to in the higher area. Shoot the lamp near the suspended torch to light the torch:


Jump onto the crane to lower it so that the lamp can swing and burn some barrels and boxes which will then set the second tree on fire. The third tree is the one holding up the middle of the plane. Climb onto the ledge to the left looking into the tomb from the entrance and pick up a lamp. Throw it at the part of the tree that is wrapped in cloth:


The last tree is burned down using the bit of wood standing on the platform to the right of the entrance to the tomb. Climb up to it and shoot the lamp at the top:


Then shove the wood over which will set the fourth tree on fire. Now you have to set the rubble in the plane on fire. Pick up another lamp and throw it at the rubble:


Be careful not to drop down whilst holding a lamp because you will die if you do.

Now just climb the plane to the top and you will have finished the tomb.

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