SWAT-556 Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategy)

Hello and welcome to the weapon guide for the SWAT-556 assault rifle which is unlocked at level 10. Remember to leave a comment on this video with your favorite class setup for the SWAT-556 to be featured on next Wednesday’s feedback video.

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The SWAT-556 is the third assault rifle you unlock in Black Ops 2 and it is a burst fire weapon. It has a very high fire rate but a long delay between bursts. At most ranges it will kill in one burst and with two at any range. I strongly suggest you use select fire for the weapon especially if you have trouble with burst fire weapons. That said, if you are good with burst fire weapons don’t use select fire because with it you will have a greatly reduced range and increased recoil.

SWAT-556 Best Strategy

When using the SWAT-556 you have to change your play style depending on if you are in burst or full auto mode. If you are in burst mode it will be difficult to use the SWAT-556 aggressively. You will be much better at range where you can take advantage of the long range and low recoil of the SWAT-556. In full auto you have to be much more aggressive due to the lower range. Use the SWAT-556 similar to how you would use a sub machine gun to get the most out of it.

SWAT-556 Best Perks

The perks I found most useful with the SWAT-556 were ghost, toughness and dexterity. Ghost isn’t as necessary if you aren’t using select fire, instead blind eye would be a much better choice. But with select fire you have to be close to enemies which will be difficult to do if the enemies can see you on their radar. Toughness is important regardless of whether you use select fire or not since flinching will be a problem under both circumstances. Tactical mask will help you survive when enemies throw tactical equipment at you. For the rest of the guide I will assume you are using select fire.

SWAT-556 Attachments

I liked quickdraw on the SWAT-556 as the reduced aim time is of great benefit when you are close to the enemies. With it you shouldn’t bother with hip fire unless enemies are very close to you since you can aim down the sights almost instantly. Fast mag reduces the reload time which isn’t a key problem with the SWAT-556. Due to the small magazine and high fire rate you will run out of bullets in a magazine during a fight frequently, but fast mag won’t help you out since you will likely be dead long before you have finished reloading.

The fore grip is nice but it isn’t necessary since at close range recoil isn’t much of a problem. It will help you out should you spot an enemy at long range. The SWAT-556 has a high fire rate and good damage so any gun fight won’t last long enough for the stock to help you out. That said, if you are facing more than one enemy sometimes it can be useful since you can strafe more easily to avoid the other enemies fire whilst taking care of them one at a time.

The laser sight will help you out with hip fire. The SWAT-556 is well suited to being fired from the hip due to the high fire rate. Regardless I found that hip fire wasn’t very reliable. The suppressor will keep you off the radar. This is very useful since you are using the SWAT-556 at close range where you get the most benefit out of the supressor, but your range will be reduced even further which will make anything but close range a nightmare.

The SWAT-556 has six optical attachments. I’m not sure whether this is a bug but I was unable to use the hybrid optic together with select fire. The iron sights of the SWAT-556 are a little clunky and difficult to use so if you find iron sights hard to use normally you will have a lot more trouble with the SWAT-556. But all the other attachments pose such great benefits that using an optical attachment carries a great cost that I don’t think is worth it.

SWAT-556 Best Class Setup

SWAT-556 Assault Rifle Best Class Setup in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

SWAT-556 Assault Rifle Best Class Setup in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The SWAT-556 has high damage so to make sure you can always deliver that high damage use FMJ to make it easier to shoot through walls and enemies. I found that I often ran out of bullets in the magazine and also out of bullets altogether. Extended clip will help out with both problems.

So there you go. That is my preferred class setup with the SWAT-556. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite class setup with the SWAT-556 for a chance to be featured on next Wednesday’s feedback video where I take a look at the classes you like and give you some opinions on them. Thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time.

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5 Responses to SWAT-556 Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategy)

  1. Danny Swann says:

    Pretty ridiculous how you just assume that you are using select fire for the whole thing when it is not needed becuz u can one burst most people

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ew just no, this gun can pretty much 1 bust kill everytime , there is absolutly no need for selectfire…

  3. Anonymous says:

    suck my balls and

  4. Andrew Lester says:

    As weird as it may seem i really like the Swat-556 and it is usually my preferred gun in league play, i usually use:
    – silencer (i find the silencer does not give the swat much of a hindrance Especially without the use of select fire, i am still usually able to kill an enemy with a single round granted every shot lands in at least the upper torso)
    – quick draw (since i do not use select fire, quick draw helps for those times enemies like to come out of no where)
    – Flak Jacket (because everyone has a hard on for C4)
    – Toughness (one of the most clutch perks in the game)
    – Dexterity (once again i like being ready for those who manage to get in my face)
    – Sometimes Dead silence (depending on whether i have my Tac-45 as a secondary i sometimes add dead silence because there’s never anything wrong with stealth
    I mash a lot of close range technique with the swat because i like to be prepared. the swats burst fire is still fully capable even with the silencer attachment (from a far distance a single burst round can still kill an enemy) leaving me still fully effective at long range.

    Most people criticize my classes so criticism doesn’t hurt my feelings. (especially since this is just a game) But if you have any opinion on my class please share it with me. I Love Feedback!

  5. Anonymous says:

    suck my balls son

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