The Arena High Score Guide, Fight Night, Hitman: Absolution, Kill Sanchez, Silent Assassin

This is a guide for the second part of the Fight Night mission which is called the Arena. This guide explains how to complete the Arena with the maximum score by showing you how to kill Sanchez with a signature kill and get the silent assassin bonus and how to recover the evidence on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Fight Night mission and completed the Arena in the way this guide suggests you can expect 217,600 score from the Arena.

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Eliminate Sanchez with Signature Kill

Make your way into the Arena. When you fight Sanchez you have to complete 4 quick time events. On purist you will be able to withstand one hit from Sanchez without dying, but you shouldn’t be hit at all. All but one set of events are exactly the same in terms of what buttons you have to push. You always have to push SPACEBAR first (sorry, I don’t know the buttons for the consoles, but feel free to leave a comment below if you do know the correct buttons):


Then you have to mash Q until Agent 47 has hit Sanchez 4 times:


Then you have to press W:


The whole fight goes as follows, and is the same each time you attempt it. First you have to complete two sets of standard quick time events as described before. After that you have to press SPACEBAR, but nothing else. After the cut scene you have to complete one more set of standard quick time events, then you will have killed Sanchez with a signature kill and received the silent assassin bonus.

Recover the Evidence

After the fight get out of the fighting area and go behind the left bar:


Go up the stairs behind the bar and turn right twice at the top. Go into the room with the Entourage in it and pick up the evidence in that room:


Then recover the Silverballers by going towards the exit and then exit the area. Once you have done that it is the end of the Arena and the whole Fight Night mission.

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  1. toto says:

    On XBOX360 the main sequence is B, then 4x X, then Y. After 2 main sequences, it’s B.

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