Feedback for the Type 25 Classes You Suggested, Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, I am David Andersson, and welcome to this week’s feedback video.

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The class setup for the Type 25 comes from CrossDevilXP. He suggests using the Type 25 with the reflex sight, fast mag, flak jacket, ghost, tactical mask and scavenger. I strongly suggest you spend the last two remaining points on Toughness since that will be especially important with weapons that take a few shots to kill. Other than that I like the class, but once you get more comfortable with aiming maybe try to change the reflex sight to quickdraw which will help you out a lot.

Now, since there is only one weapon I thought I would suggest an alternative class that I like a lot for the Type 25. As I said in the weapon guide the silencer is a good attachment since the reduced range doesn’t impact you as significantly due to the lower damage of the Type 25. On top of the silencer I suggest you take advantage of the good handling of the Type 25 and use quickdraw or fast mag. Since it is a stealthy class ghost will help you out a lot as well.

So there you go. If you would like to be a part of this series in the future simply leave a comment with your favorite class setup on the upcoming weapon guides.

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