Patriot’s Hangar High Score Guide, Fight Night, Hitman: Absolution, Remove Evidence (19200 Score)

This is a guide for the first part of the Fight Night mission which is called Patriot’s Hangar. This guide explains how to complete the Patriot’s Hangar with the maximum score by showing you how to get to Sanchez and how to recover the evidence on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Fight Night mission and completed the Patriot’s Hangar in the way this guide suggests you can expect 19,200 score from the Patriot’s Hangar.

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Remove Evidence Unseen

At the start sneak past the entrance to the arena behind the boxes and on top of some crates. Drop down on the other side and pick up the hammer from the crate nearby. Go into the gap between the crates nearby and wait 2 seconds just at the mouth of the gap before continuing:


Then go across the middle area to the left. Throw the hammer at the left wall into the corner:


Then go to the right into another gap and left again shortly after. Pick up the Factory Guard outfit and pick up the evidence that is on top of some boxes to the left.

Get the Patriot’s Outfit

Sneak up on the guard you distracted earlier and pick up the hammer you threw at the barrel. Go back between the crates and towards the Patriot’s bus. When you get to it turn left and go behind the row of crates.

Drop the hammer near the second crate you walk past. Then go all the way to the other end of the hangar and turn right just in front of the truck. Pick up the wrench in the toolkit:


Return to where you dropped the hammer earlier. Go behind the Patriot’s bus and sabotage the generator. Then go back towards where you dropped the hammer but go past it until you can see the first aid kit on the side of the bus and are hidden from view at the same time. Once the guy has gone to investigate throw the wrench at the first aid kit:


Then walk up to the camp chair next to the boxing sack the Patriot is using. Pick up the teddy bear from it and go back to the hammer and pick it up. Wait for the Patriot to notice that his good luck charm has vanished and his entourage to have left.

There is an easier way to complete this mission other than using the Patriot’s disguise which is what this guide is aiming for. You can pick up a key card and go through the backstage entrance. However, in that approach you cannot get the silent assassin bonus, which is a considerable amount of score.

Throw the hammer at the red machine to the right:


Wait for the Patriot to be behind the crates, then subdue him and hide the body in the crate nearby. Pick up the Patriot’s outfit and make your way to the entrance of the Arena. Once you have knocked on the door it is the end of the Patriot’s Hangar.

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