Building, Upgrading and Modifying Weapons in Dead Space 3

Hello, I am David Andersson, and welcome to the guide for creating, modifying and upgrading weapons.

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In Dead Space 3 you can create, modify and upgrade your weaponry. You can use items you find around the place or create those items yourself using resources.

First let’s look at creating a weapon. First you have to select the frame. A standard frame is for one handed weapons, like plasma cutters or something like a sub machine gun. With a heavy frame you can build something like a machine gun, shotgun or sniper rifle. The difference between standard and elite is the number of circuits you can have on a weapon. Next you have to select the tool. Here it is important what type of weapon you want. For instance, a plasma core can create a plasma cutter. You can’t create a plasma sub machine gun. For that you would have to use a military tool. The other tools are pretty much self explanatory.

Now you have created a weapon. You can modify the tip, attachments and tools that are attached. The tip allows you to change the behavior of a weapon. The way you change a shotgun to s sniper rifle is using the tip. There are different tips available which are all self explanatory. Attachments modify the weapon’s behavior. For instance you can have an attachment that increases damage or picks up ammunition automatically. All of them are self explanatory. You can also modify the tools of a weapon. If you have created something you didn’t want you can also dismantle the weapon. Tools can add alternate fire to weapons, for instance I have a sniper rifle that also acts like a machine gun, or it can change the behavior of other tools, for instance the plasma cutter has a tool that allows you to rotate the cutter.

You can also install upgrade circuits. These are upgrades to things like the fire rate, damage and bullets per reload. Each tool can have 4 upgrade circuits. If each tool is independent of each other the upgrade circuits don’t affect more than one tool. For instance the upgrades the sniper tool has will not affect the machine gun tool and vice versa. But in the case of the plasma core which has a tool that allows it to be rotated the upgrade circuits of the rotator also affect the plasma core.

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