Farming in Dead Space 3, Getting Resources Easily and Quickly

Hello, I am David Andersson, and welcome to the guide to getting resources easily and quickly which is basically farming.

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In Dead Space 3 your inventory is saved, even if you go back to an earlier level you will still have the current inventory. So you say have 1000 scrap metal and go back to an earlier level where you originally you only had a few hundred you will then have 1000 scrap metal. So you can take advantage of that by redoing a level over and over that is resource rich. They key resource you are looking for is Tungsten. For almost all higher upgrade you need at least some Tungsten.

When you are farming play on a lower difficulty. You will find more resources than on the higher difficulties. I have been playing on casual.

So far the best I have found is the optional mission on the C.M.S. Greely in Chapter 4. Each run you get around 30 to 40 Tungsten. I did a few runs and now have a shotgun that one shots every enemy and has automatic alternate fire. I will show you how to customize weapons in a future video.

In addition to the Tungsten I now have around 2000 semiconductors, 3000 scrap metal, 3000 somatic gel, 800 transconductors and 20 ration seals. That is basically enough to create as much ammunition as you need. (I am currently in chapter 4.)

So there you go. Be sure to let me know which chapters or parts of chapters you find most effective for farming in Dead Space 3.

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