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Chapter 4 – Expect Delays Optional C.M.S. Greely Impossible Dead Space 3 Guide, Decrypt Transmission


Hello, I am David Andersson, and welcome to the guide for the optional part of Chapter 4 which takes place on the C.M.S. Greely.

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When you get to the ship and into a room with some stairs in it be sure to loot that room. Then go down the stairs. When you are in the room walk towards the vent to the right:

Air Vent in Optional Part of Chapter 4 Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

As soon as you hear an enemy spawning run back towards the stairs and turn around. Take care of the tentacle enemy by shooting its tentacles off. There is some loot in the area so be sure to check thoroughly.

Go down the stairs to the right of the ladder, not the ones straight ahead. There is yet more loot in the area below. Keep going ahead until you get into a room with another ladder. Go down it and activate the generator by mashing a button. Climb the stairs again. Three enemies will spawn one after another. First turn around and there will be an enemy right behind you:

Enemy Spawns Behind You in Optional Part of Chapter 4 – Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

Use stasis on it if necessary. Turn around again and a green enemy will have spawned. These are easy to take care off but be sure to stay back because it can spew on you which will slow you down. After that one an enemy will spawn right in the middle. Be sure to run to one side and use stasis if necessary to take care of that enemy.

Use the elevator to get into the communications room. There is some loot in the area. Go up to the fuse box and open it. Now you have to balance the power. That doesn’t mean an equal number on each side, rather use the arrows at the top to get an indication of what is required. To solve this puzzle shift two 60 switches to the right side:

Power Up Puzzle in Optional Part of Chapter 4 – Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

Keep going and you will come back into the original room. Two enemies will spawn down the stairs ahead. Take out the one that stands up. If the other runs at you simply shoot the glowing part of it and it will explode. Shortly after the first two an enemy will attack you from the left wall. Use stasis on it if you need to. After you have taken care of these three another enemy will come up the stairs to the right.

Go through the door the first two enemies spawned next to and keep going. You get into a research room and you will have to take care of 4 enemies. First run in between the two rows of glowing panels and shoot the walking enemy:

Walking Enemy in Research Room in Optional Part of Chapter 4 – Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

Then go back out of the room and take care of the three tentacle enemies at your own pace making sure to walk backwards when they shoot at you. There is a lot of loot in this room, even some hidden behind a light, so be sure to look around thoroughly:

Hidden Loot in Research Room in Optional Part of Chapter 4 – Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

Use the elevator to go down. Shoot the enemy that is crawling around on the other side of the console. Go around the room to where you just shot the enemy. Another enemy will come at you from near the elevator so walk back out and take care of it which should be easy since you have a lot of room. Next you get into a small corridor with a door either side. As soon as the far door opens run outside since an enemy will come at you in that room. Use stasis on it and take care of it:

Enemy Attacks You in Corridor in Optional Part of Chapter 4 – Expect Delays in Dead Space 3

When you get near the doorway out of the room a bunch of crawlers will come at you. They die in one shot but if they get close to you they jump on you. There is plenty of ammunition around the place. When you get into the room with the generator in it be sure to stomp the bodies around thoroughly otherwise they will be used against you later. Remove the front panel of the generator and pick up the semiconductors inside. Whilst you wait use telekinesis to get the loot box to the left. When you can proceed turn the glowing panel and pick up the key to the right. Go back out of the room. When you get close to the doorway more crawlers will spawn. If they get close to a body they will go inside it and the body will start to attack you. That body will be easy to take care of if you have broken the bodies earlier.

Now you have to run. Ignore any enemies that spawn. Needless to say avoid the glowing sections of the floor. Once you have gone up the elevator a lot of enemies will spawn. Once again ignore them and run to the exit past the left wall. Go through the door and the one after that. You might be vomited on. Turn around to check if enemies are behind you. If they are they should be easy to take care of since they have to tunnel through the door. Use stasis on any that come to close.

When you get to the top of the stairs some exploding enemies spawn. Shoot their glowing part as soon as they spawn and they are very easy to take care of. Now all you have to do is insert the key and decrypt the message. Then you can leave the C.M.S. Greely via the stairs and the air lock.

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