Guide for the Prologue on Impossible Difficulty, Dead Space 3 Guide

Hello, I am David Andersson, and welcome to the guide for the prologue for Dead Space 3 where I will show you how to complete the prologue on the hardest, impossible, difficulty without getting hit.

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Up until you reach the ship there aren’t going to be enemies. Break each of the containers by stomping them and take the ammunition and reload. In this section you don’t have to be too concerned about using few bullets as there is plenty to go around. Then shoot the display on the door and open it:


After the cut scene two enemies will run at you. Shoot one leg off both of them first:


then shoot the arm off both of them:


They then count as dead where they won’t continue to attack you. Be sure to stomp their corpse to get some ammunition drops. Go inside the ship and wait for the enemy that crawls in to be on the floor:


If you shoot it earlier it will fall off and you won’t be able to pick up ammunition from it. Again shoot one if its leg first then the arm. Go around the corner and take out the enemies’ leg that is stuck underneath the door. As it crawls towards you shoot one arm off. Stay on the left side of the corridor and aim around the corner:


As soon as you can see the enemy shoot its leg. Once it is on the ground shoot one arm off. The last enemy will then come at you. Once again shoot the leg. This one will crawl towards you fairly quickly so you have to shoot an arm off quickly.

Now you can make your way up the stairs and pick up the codex. When you are on the side of the mountain you can make your way down it until the burning bit of ship falls past you. Then stay as far to the left as possible and you will avoid the explosion. When you are sliding along shoot the glowing part of the part of the ship that slides towards:


you then move to slide through the hole you have created. Once you have done that it is the end of the prologue.

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