PDW-57 Sub Machine Gun Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

The PDW-57 is the second sub machine gun you unlock in Black Ops 2 as soon as you unlock create-a-class. It is one of the slowest firing sub machine guns but has the most bullets per magazine and better range compared to the other sub machine guns. The slower fire rate means that you have to be accurate with the PDW-57 and that it isn’t well suited to firing from the hip. The PDW-57’s recoil is easy to handle and thus you can be competitive at close and medium range which is helped along with the better range.

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PDW-57 Best Strategy

When using the PDW-57 you have to be more defensive than with other sub machine guns. Be sure to stay away from long sight lines since you are unlikely to win against assault and sniper rifles and light machine guns at long range. You will also be hard pressed to win an engagement when you run into an enemy face to face if they have a different sub machine gun so make sure that you don’t sprint around corners and are ready for an engagement at any time. For the PDW-57 to be the most effective you have to be aiming down the sights. In every gun fight aim down the sights as soon as possible. Strafing will help you, but the PDW-57 kills fast enough that it isn’t required.

PDW-57 Best Perks

The perks I found most useful with the PDW – 57 where Ghost, Lightweight, Toughness, Dexterity and Tactical Mask. Even though you should be more defensive with the PDW – 57 than with other sub machine guns you will still be flanking and close to the enemies. Ghost will stop enemies from having an advantage with the UAV and might even let you catch them off guard. Lightweight lets you change positions and get to enemies faster. Toughness will be important to keep your aim on target even when you are being shot at. Dexterity will ensure that you can win engagements where you aren’t ready more easily. Tactical Mask will stop enemies from rendering you defenceless with tactical equipment.

PDW-57 Attachments

The laser sight will reduce the hip fire spread. It lets you react to enemies even quicker since you don’t have to aim down the sights at close range. But even with rapid fire the PDW-57’s fire rate is too slow to consistently win engagements whilst firing from the hip. Fast mag reduces the time it takes to reload the PDW-57. I found that reloading wasn’t a big issue since the PDW-57 has a very large magazine so you can reload when it is safe. In some cases fast mag can be useful in particular when you are under a persistent attack from enemies.

The fore grip makes the PDW-57 easier to use under sustained fire. The effects are sometimes hard to spot but can be useful when the enemies are further away. FMJ increases the penetration and damage against score streaks. Neither of those advantages are commonly useful but can help you out in some situations.

The long barrel makes the PDW-57 even better at range by reducing the damage drop off at longer distances. This will let you be more competitive at medium range and gives you a better chance at the long range. The stock increases the movement speed whilst aiming making strafing more effective. Normally when you are aiming and moving you show up on enemy UAVs even with Ghost. With the stock you don’t since your movement speed is that of normal walking.

Extended clip increases the bullets per magazine which lets you worry about reloading even less. It will be much easier to get triple kills and beyond where you normally would run out of ammunition. Select fire lets you switch from automatic to burst fire. I didn’t find much use for burst fire since it is only effective at long range where the PDW – 57 isn’t good at all.

Rapid fire increases the fire rate of the PDW-57 but at the cost of much more recoil and a substantial loss of range. With rapid fire you will become much better at close range since your fire rate is on power with the other sub machine guns. The PDW-57 has four optical attachments. All of them make it easier to take out enemies at medium and long range, but at the cost of filling up your screen and thus giving you tunnel vision. The target finder especially makes it very difficult to see anything but your target. Overall the iron sights are good enough so that you don’t need to use any optical attachments.

PDW-57 Best Class Setup

PDW-57 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

PDW-57 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

The suppressor keeps you off the radar and reduces muzzle flash. I often found that just after I had taken out a few enemies I would be swarmed by the rest of the team. The suppressor will let you be close to enemies without them knowing where you are. Quickdraw lets you aim down the sights of the PDW-57 much faster. With dexterity you will be able to aim down the sights almost instantly even after sprinting which is where the PDW-57 is best.

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  1. Chris_Cornell says:

    PDW57 with QuickDraw, laser and extended mags works best if you hip fire going into ADS. If u master this then not many can stop you

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    I go to see everyday a few web sites and information sites to read posts, but this webpage gives feature based content.

  3. Anonymous says:

    FMJ + rapid fire = bring the pain!!!

  4. Harsimar says:

    Where is the image for the class setup

  5. Harsimar says:

    Yay awesome

  6. Anonymous says:

    suppresor, and quickdraw

  7. Anonymous says:

    i use quickdraw,ext.mag, and laser and it works well,but after reading this, i’ll make some tests with those perks and attachments

  8. It’s an awesome piece of writing designed for all the internet people; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  9. Dylan wingfield says:

    I prefer rapid fire and long barrel for the pdw-57 and maybe a mms sight if u use the primary gunner wildcard

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