Test Facility High Score Guide, Death Factory, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (146438 Score)

This is a guide for the first part of the Death Factory mission which is called Testing Facility. This guide explains how to complete Test Facility with the maximum score by showing you how to get a silent and signature kill on Dr. Ashford, how to hide his body, how to recover the evidence and how to reach Decontamination on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Death Factory mission and completed Test Facility in the way this guide suggests you can expect 146,438 score from Test facility.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/rxHdnxq8E2A

Recover the Evidence Unseen

At the start go into the security room and pick up the key card. Go into the entrance area and activate the fire alarm and wait for the guard to come out of the interrogation room. Sneak inside it and recover the stolen file. Wait for the guard to have left again, then go back out into the security room and open the doors. Then follow the corridor outside to the elevator.

When you arrive at the Test Facility sneak into the left corner of the Test Facility and pick up the folding knife off the shelves. Throw it at the base of the wall in the middle of the space between the shelves and wooden crates:


Wait for the guard to come and investigate. Sneak up on the guard and garrote him. Drag the body towards the wall to make sure it is out of sight. Take the factory guard outfit and pick up the folding knife again. Sneak back to the other guard standing near the elevator and garrote him too. Drag the body to the elevator through the door to the left of it and hide it behind the wall. Equip the folding knife and throw it into the walkway to the left between the wooden crate near the fence and the wooden crate near the barrels:


Wait for the scientist to go to investigate. Sneak up on the scientist and subdue him. Take his outfit and hide it the wooden crate nearby. Then hide both of the factory guard’s bodies. Climb up to the catwalks above using the ladder. Go to the other side of the Test Facility and wait for the researcher on the phone to have started to leave:


Follow the researcher into the upstairs area. Pick up the evidence from the desk ahead, then go back out to where the researcher was on the phone earlier.

Eliminate Dr. Ashford with Silent and Signature Kill

Go down the stairs and into the security room ahead. Go to the computer in the room and wait for the two guards to leave. As soon as they have walked past the computer deactivate the security and garrote Dr. Green. Drag his body up the stairs nearby and wait for the two researchers near the top of the stairs to stop their conversation:


Drag Dr. Green’s body to the cabinet and hide it. Get back to the elevator by going down to the security room, back up the back stairs and across to the other side of the catwalk and down the ladder. Go to the other side of the Test Facility ahead which is the entrance to Decontamination. Once you have gone through the door it is the end of the Test Facility.

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