MK 48 Light Machine Gun Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

The MK 48 is the first light machine gun you unlock in Black Ops 2 as soon as you unlock create a class. It has the longest range out of all the light machine gun only requiring three hits to kill in most engagements. However, the slow movement characteristics mean that you are essentially unarmed whilst moving. But when you are ready for enemies there are few weapons that can beat you in firepower.

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MK 48 Best Strategy

When using the MK 48 you have to stick to cover. Ideal positions are those overlooking an objective or covering a choke point. When you are behind cover you are vulnerable to being flanked and you will have a tough time using the MK 48 without an at least equally matched team. When you hold down a position keep an eye on the location of your team. If you are at the front without any teammates nearby retreat until friendlies are protecting your flank. But only move when you are sure there aren’t any enemies nearby and it is safe to do so. Even then stay away from close quarters and aim to find a safe position quickly. Reloading is a lengthy process. You don’t have to do it often, but if you are close to running out of ammunition be sure to retreat and then reload.

MK 48 Best Perks

The perks I found most useful with the MK 48 were Flak Jacket, Toughness, Hard Wired and Tactical Mask. All the perks help you stay in a defensive position even under a heavy assault. Flak jacket protects you from enemies’ explosives. Toughness helps you stay ahead in contested gun fights where enemies are shooting back. Hard Wired stop enemies from taking away your radar which is a powerful tool for determining where enemies are likely to come from. Tactical mask prevents you from being disabled with tactical equipment.

MK 48 Attachments

FMJ increases the penetration and damage against air support. With it you can easily take out enemy scorestreaks, but under most other circumstances the extra penetration with FMJ only helps a little. Quickdraw lets you aim down the sights of the MK 48 faster. With it, however, you still aren’t competitive against weapons that are more suited to close quarter engagements. It only helps a little in most other gun fights letting you react to enemies faster.

The stock increases your movement speed whilst aiming. It is useful when you know an enemy is around a corner and you can walk up to him whilst aiming down the sights. But when you are behind cover holding down a position it will rarely help you. The laser sight reduces the hip fire spread of the MK 48. Combine it with dexterity and you can have some fun running around only using hip fire. However, this will be tough to do consistently since the hip fire performance is still poor and you will have to be very close to enemies to be effective.

The suppressor will keep you off the radar and reduce muzzle flash. With it, it will be much harder for enemies to find you, especially due to the reduced muzzle flash which will let you stand in the shadow and thus be very hard to spot. Keep in mind that the suppressor greatly reduces the range of the MK 48 and it may become difficult to beat snipers. The MK 48 has a number of optical attachments available. Of the optical attachments the reflex sight was my favourite. It only obstructs the screen slightly and makes it much easier to aim. If you have trouble with longer ranges the zoom or dual band scope may help you out. However, the iron sights of the MK 48 are very good and the recoil low enough that an optical sight usually isn’t needed.

MK 48 Best Class Setup

MK 48 Light Machine Gun Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

MK 48 Light Machine Gun Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The fore grip reduces the recoil of the MK 48 which will help you control the MK 48 under sustained fire. Especially at medium to long range the MK 48 becomes much easier to use letting you easily win gun fights. Extended clip increases the bullets per magazine. This means you have to reload even rarer which will let you hold down a position for longer. Rapid fire allows you to deal out even more damage, but at the cost of a considerable amount of range. When using rapid fire keep that in mind and concentrate on shorter ranges.

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  2. bailey says:

    Thats a good class, but foregrip doesnt help enough to actually be used, extended mags on this thing henders it because it adds on to the extremely long reload time already, and rapid fire is good but not if you are trying to conserve ammo. The best set up i use is target finder, suppressor, and i witch between fmj and laser sight. Because that little bit extra penetration can get you that orbital..or laser sight for when you on the move to get into position

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