MTAR Assault Rifle Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

The MTAR is the first assault rifle you unlock in Black Ops 2 as soon as you unlock create-a-class. The MTAR is a versatile weapon and is good at every range except the long range where the recoil becomes hard to control. The hip fire performance of the MTAR is surprisingly good, so at close range it is always better to fire from the hip to make aiming and strafing easier. To be able to be competitive at long range you have to burst fire, but you will not be better at long range than weapons more suited to that distance.

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MTAR Strategy

When using the MTAR it is best to focus on the medium range where the MTAR is most powerful. When you are caught in the open it is best to start to fire from he hip then aim down the sights. Also be sure to strafe to avoid enemy bullets. It isn’t necessary to reload after every kill. Instead reload when you are confident that nobody is nearby and duck behind some cover.

MTAR Best Perks

The perks I found most useful with the MTAR were Hardline, Toughness, Scavenger and Tactical Mask. Since you are close to the enemies it is easier to earn score, and hardline will help you get scorestreaks much faster. Toughness is essential as it reduces flinch. Scavenger lets you pick up new C4 and ammunition. Tactical Mask prevents enemies from disabling you with tactical equipment. The C4 will let you clear objectives and enemies that are hiding around corners easily. Since you don’t have ghost use the Black Hat to take out enemy UAVs.

MTAR Attachments

Fast mag reduces the time it takes to reload the MTAR. The MTAR has plenty of bullets per magazine so that you can choose the right time to reload and thus you won’t need fast mag. The stock makes strafing more effective since it lets you move faster whilst aiming. The stock is good when you are caught in the open, but the MTAR is best used from behind cover, and so strafing and thus the stock doesn’t help in most engagements.

The laser sight lets you fire from the hip from longer distances and remain accurate as it reduces the hip fire spread. This is actually a fairly good attachment for the MTAR as the standard hip fire performance is already good. With it you can be confident in taking on enemies at medium range whilst using hip fire. Select fire helps you burst fire at long range. However, it doesn’t make burst firing much better and you can manually shoot in bursts anyway so the select fire attachment is only of limited use.

The suppressor is a good attachment when you are close to enemies, but the MTAR isn’t the best weapon for that range. At medium and long range you will be much less effective since the suppressor reduces the range of the MTAR in exchange for staying off the radar and reducing muzzle flash. FMJ didn’t make a notable difference on the MTAR.

Extended clip isn’t required for the MTAR since it already has many bullets per magazine and the extra that extended clip grants aren’t needed. The launcher adds an alternate fire for the MTAR launching an explosive round at enemies. The main use the launcher has is to clear out enemies in entrenched positions. However, scavenger doesn’t replenish the ammunition for it and explosives are easily countered with flak jacket.

The MTAR has a range of optical attachments. The one I found most useful is the reflex sight as it makes shooting enemies at medium to long range a little easier. The other sights take up a lot of the screen which makes it hard to use them at close range. But the iron sights of the MTAR are some of the best in Black Ops 2 so you don’t need to use any optical attachments. Quickdraw lets you react to enemies faster which is especially important at medium range. With it you can aim down the sights very quickly giving you a great advantage over other players.

MTAR Best Class Setup

MTAR Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

MTAR Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The fore grip makes it easier to control the recoil of the MTAR. The MTAR doesn’t have significant recoil, but the reduction ensures that more bullets hit the intended target and make you more competitive at long range. So there you go. That is the class setup I suggest for the MTAR. Leave a comment on this video detailing the class setup you prefer with the MTAR for a chance to be featured on next Wednesday’s video where I will give feedback about some of the classes you suggest. Thank you very much for watching and until next time.

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