Factory Compound High Score Guide, Dexter Industries, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (49600 Score)

This is a guide for the fourth part of the Dexter Industries mission which is called Factory Compound. This guide explains how to complete Factory Compound with the maximum score by showing you how to infiltrate the compound, get to the main lobby, access the elevator and recover the evidence undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Dexter Industries mission and completed Factory Compound in the way this guide suggests you can expect 49,600 score from Factory Compound.

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Infiltrate the Compound Unseen

At the start follow the mine shaft out of the mine. Be sure to start sneaking when you get close to the guard that was leaning on the mine entrance. Sneak up the guards standing on the bridge and push all three of them off the side of the bridge. Pushing the guards off the bridge counts as a silent kill, and once the bodies have dropped into the valley below they count as being hidden which recovers all the score you loose from pushing the guards off the bridge.

Get to the Lobby Unseen

At the other side of the bridge go right and pick up a gasoline can. Go up to and through the drainage pipe and take cover on the wooden box near the back of the truck ahead. Wait for a truck driver to get close to you. Throw the gasoline can behind a row of boxes behind you and wait for the truck driver to have gone to investigate:


Sneak up on the truck driver and subdue him as killing him would mean that you lose a lot of score due to a civilian casualty. Hide the body in the wooden crate nearby, then pick up the truck driver’s outfit. Pick up the gasoline can again then go into the garage to the left and wait near the main garage door for the client in the suit to be talking on the phone.

Go behind the car and take cover on some stacked up wooden boxes ahead. Throw the gasoline can to the right of the main garage door and wait for the client in the suit to come and investigate:


Sneak up on him and subdue him. He also counts as a civilian casualty if you kill him. Take his outfit and drag the body out of a side door nearby. At the edge of the fence wait for a guard to show up and leave again.

Drag the body to the other side of the backyard and hide it in the crate. Now you can make your way into the lobby without having to worry about being spotted by anyone. The suit lets you go into almost every part of the Factory Compound, except for a security room inside the Factory Compound, the roof and an area with a weapon room in it.

Recover the Evidence Unseen

The evidence is in the middle of the lobby on the counter. Go up to the elevator and call it. Wait for the guard inside to have gone out of the elevator then go into it. That marks the end of the Factory Compound and the whole Dexter Industries mission.

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