Descend High Score Guide, Dexter Industries, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (18600 Score)

This is a guide for the third part of the Dexter Industries mission which is called Descent. This guide explains how to complete Descent with the maximum score by showing you how to descent to the compound and recover the evidence undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Dexter Industries mission and complete Descent in the way this guide suggests you can expect 18,600 score from Descent.

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Descend to the Compound Unseen

At the start follow the walkway and go down the ladder. Go onto the ledge and up to the window, then drop down. Keep going to the left until you can drop down onto the walkway below. Follow the walkway until you get to a table. Pick up the bottle off the table and go onto the ledge ahead. Go to the right and drop down. Take cover on the wall to the left of the doorway into the mine. Wait for the guards to have stopped talking. Then throw the bottle onto he walkway and wait for the guard to come out of the mine:


Go into the mine and take cover on the wooden plank ahead. Pick up the evidence off the table to the right.

Descend to the Compound Unseen

Get out of cover and sneak towards the half wall ahead. Take cover on it and go to the left. Change cover as soon as you can, then get out of cover. Follow the stairs down all the way until you get to the bottom. Take cover on the wall there and wait for the guards to start leaving. Follow them through the open door but not too closely.


Once you approach railway tracks with minecarts on them stay back a little until the two guards have gone past the first minecart. Then sneak forwards and take cover on that minecart. Go all the way to the left of the minecart and change cover. Pick up the wrench off the ground and turn around and go into the side area. Go into the second room and drop the wrench below the opening in the wall. Turn around and pick up the metal pipe, then take cover on the wall underneath the opening. Wait for a guard to come near you, then go to the right and stand at the entrance of the side area. He will leave shortly after. Go back to the opening in the wall and wait for the rightmost guard to have started to turn. Throw the metal pipe in the far left corner of the room with the minecarts in it:


Then pick up the wrench and throw it at the wall to the right of the leader of the group of guards:


Scale the cover and go through the opening deeper into the mind. Take cover on the corner ahead and wait for the two guards to have left. Keep going to the wall ahead, then turn left. Go through the side area behind the big pillar:


Then sneak up and go past the two guards talking ahead to the right. Pull the lever and sneak past the guards again and down the stairs. Activate the generator to start the elevator. Go into the elevator and take it down. Once you have done that it is the end of Descend.

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